Employers will be required to contribute to furlough costs from August 1st and the scheme will end on October 31st. Please check your emails. I appreciate that this is frustrating for many of you that are ready to get back to work, and I understand how the numbers of people returning from different teams and areas of the business varies – some areas are fully back to work, whereas in other areas we have yet to reopen e.g. The aim in consultation is to seek to improve the proposal, and to look for ways of mitigating proposed job losses. Greggs is now well prepared to deal with the challenges of social distancing and operate through the conditions we are faced with. I understand that people will be anxious to know what all this means for them personally but we will not be able to provide that clarity until we know ourselves what the prospects for the business are, and we can only determine this based on the performance we see over the next few weeks. The Greggs business during this new lockdown. We anticipate that sales in our shops will be significantly lower than normal for some time as new patterns settle down. As the economic outlook continues to look uncertain and because we want to protect as many jobs as possible, we will continue to utilise, and contribute to, the government furlough scheme which will provide us with additional time to assess our trading performance as our sales begin to settle. Not surprisingly there were a few problems, and we anticipated this may be the case given the scale of our reopening target. Increasing sales enables us to bring as many colleagues back to work as possible before the furlough scheme ends in October. We ourselves have seen a number of colleagues test positive for the virus, particularly in our supply chain operations, and our teams have been commended by the local authorities for the way in which we have managed these risks, and provided a safe return to work. If you have not yet uploaded your personal email details to Your G People you can do this by following the simple guide on this website https://www.greggsemployeeinformation.co.uk/your-g-people. Colleagues across the whole business, Greggs House, Retail and Supply, will be contacted this week by their line managers to be informed about what this means for them individually. This is due to social distancing which impacts customer behaviour and our ability to serve as many customers as we would do normally. Clearly Christmas cannot be celebrated as freely as normal this year, but I do hope that you are able to celebrate in a safe way with some of your family and friends. This will not apply to our Supply Chain colleagues as their floating day has been previously nominated and will be taken in line with normal operating requirements. I’d like to share some important news with you regarding our manufacturing operation at Balliol Park (please note that our logistics operation is not affected). We have further updated the FAQ section of our website with as much information as we have at this time and Your Questions Matter remains open for any enquiries you may have. We’re thinking of our colleagues who are impacted by this news. As we are taking a phased approach to opening our shops over the next few weeks, we will also require some of our colleagues to return to work in phases, with others remaining in furlough. Currently we estimate that production volumes at Balliol, Clydesmill, Manchester, Enfield, North Lakes, Seaham, and Pettigrews will be sufficiently strong to avoid job losses, although there may be some impact to hours due to proposed changes to contract which will form part of this consultation. I would like to take this opportunity once again to thank all of our teams who are working through this crisis or coping with the disruption of being on furlough. There are signs of a gradual recovery in economic activity especially on the roads and high street footfall is slowly building. Lucy Jackson, Leeds City Council’s deputy director of Public Health, said: “A number of staff recently tested positive for COVID-19 at Greggs distribution depot in Leeds. We achieved record sales of our products via our partnership with Iceland which saw many more customers baking their Greggs favourites at home. We made many heroes of our own as colleagues worked tirelessly to move the food to local charities from our shops and distribution centres. For Greggs, our focus is to return to full service (or as close as we possibly can) in September, and our teams are busy making this a reality by bringing back our customers’ favourite products, extending our opening hours, and continuing to test new procedures that will allow us to operate more effectively whilst staying Covid secure. We anticipate that our Balliol and Kettering DC operations will be operating in support of these shop openings from w/c 8th June, and we will be progressively bringing back drivers and some logistics colleagues in support of the increasing shop operations from that point on. We are living in a very different world under social distancing and therefore your flexibility is critical to our reopening programme. The priority has been to carry out risk assessments to ensure that we can operate safely whilst complying with the government’s guidelines on social distancing, and to put in place any required physical changes to the workplace. Stay safe. Whilst the short-term outlook is uncertain, we are confident in our ability to adapt to social distancing conditions for as long as necessary, and are continuing with our strategic investment in those areas which are right for now, and will support our long-term growth plans. Where we need a particular team or shift for a particular shop or department then it is that team or shift that is asked in. Employee Assistance Programme . We continue to maintain Covid secure procedures throughout Greggs to enable us to continue operating as safely as we possibly can, and our experience in regional lockdowns is that we are able to stay open to serve food on the go as people continue to go to work and go about their lives as safely as they can. Information will be circulated over the next couple of days to let you know about these briefings with further details being sent out on Monday next week. Our teams have done a fantastic job in managing this process for our 25,000 colleagues and we are working hard to get letters out to all of our colleagues who we have furloughed by the end of this week to ensure you are clear about your own position. Hardship in our communities quickly became apparent as jobs were lost and lives were disrupted. Share any photos or videos of you taking part with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Thank you all for the commitment and enthusiasm that you have shown to enable us to achieve this significant step forward. These individuals will be notified in the next 2 weeks and are likely to be needed back on site towards the end of w/c 8. Please note - following recent press reports, we are very aware that during this difficult time there continues to be people who will try and take advantage of the Coronavirus crisis by using various scams. You can also continue to send any questions you may have into peoplequeries@greggs.co.uk, Finally, it is really important that we can get in touch with you as quickly as possible during the period that you are on furlough. Whilst we are all forced to stay apart it is more important than ever to be able to support each other through communication, and we are therefore asking all colleagues to log into Your G People and to update their personal email address and any missing telephone numbers. It was a real team effort in every aspect, and I am immensely grateful for all the hard work that has taken place to enable the successful completion of Phase 2 of our reopening plan. The final phase in our plan is to open as many shops as possible in July. As you can see, opening Greggs for business again is complex and will need us all to be as flexible as possible while we adapt to these new ways of working.I am also aware that there will be many of our teams who will be remaining on furlough for the foreseeable future and we will continue to ensure that we keep you updated regarding our plans going forward, and also answering your specific queries through Your Questions Matter. These proposals have enabled us to protect more roles in the business than originally planned: Moving to the next stage of the consultation process. Joint statement on behalf of Leeds City Council and Greggs PLC. As we approach Phase 2 of our reopening plan – a large scale reopening of 800 shops, I wanted to update you on how our plans are progressing. As a starting point, our proposal impacts upon all of our Assistant Managers as we propose to convert these roles to Shop Supervisor roles at a maximum of 30 hours reflecting the reduced need for shop management cover. We have reviewed our activity and requirements in every part of the business and are now proposing a series of changes which will form the basis of a consultation with union and employee representatives. After such a long period of closure, our colleagues from all across the business have risen to the challenges that we have faced, and enabled us to open up again as safely as possible whilst adhering to the social distancing guidelines. Greggs has proved its resilience as a business but most of all this crisis has shown the strength we have in our people. Further develop our Click and Collect offering which provides bookable collection times and availability for customers, and is continuing to grow in popularity. We will keep you informed of our plans as they develop. The next step in our plan is to open around 800 shops (including 150 with franchise partners) beginning on June 15th. If you haven’t selected a fund to invest in, and the vast majority of people in the scheme leave it to the Trustees to choose an appropriate fund, then your pot of savings is placed into what is called a Multi-Asset Fund, which invests across a wide range of different types of funds, including share and government bonds. Following a number of Greggs colleagues based at the Greggs distribution depot in LS13 testing positive for COVID-19, Leeds City Council, Public Health England, and Greggs have been working closely together to ensure safe management of the outbreak. In our own operations, we have shown how we can help to prevent the spread of the virus amongst our teams in our supply chain, using testing to identify and isolate anyone found to be positive, to limit the risk of them spreading the virus to other colleagues at work. Meanwhile we successfully arranged a Bank of England loan which gave us the confidence to restart our investment pipeline despite experiencing our first ever loss as a business at the half-year mark. Details of the potential impact at each site will be briefed by our team this morning. The update from the Government on Saturday, and the introduction of the new Tier 4 status, highlights that we need to continue to be as flexible as possible in everything that we do, and that safety remains paramount. We know many of you have already done this – thank you – but if you have not yet done this, please could you complete this via https://www.greggsemployeeinformation.co.uk/your-g-people. The key take-outs from our update were: -. The combination of lower volumes along with these new delivery routes also have an impact on non-driving Logistics roles, for example pickers. Greggs do not recommend, promote or endorse the products, services or commercial offerings of any third party. While we do this, we will not lose sight of our long-term strategic priorities and you will see us continue to move forward at pace with these, as we prepare for the easing of restrictions that will accompany the deployment of the vaccines. For the final wave of shop openings in July we aim to put in place a single daily delivery into the vast majority of our shops to take place during closed hours. Therefore, we will be reinstating the Your Ideas Matter portal on our employee website in the next couple of weeks. To increase flexibility, employers will be allowed to call people back to work on a part time basis from July 1st. Maintaining our focus to be “Fit for the Future”. Take a look at this short video to see some great examples. For our Greggs House colleagues who are impacted, both management and support, we will be requiring employee representatives to work with us during consultation. The furlough scheme is intended to support jobs that are expected to be required once the furlough scheme ends, and this unfortunately, would not be the case with the roles that have been identified to be at risk of redundancy. Thank you for your patience and understanding during furlough, which I appreciate has been a tough time for you all. Meanwhile I am especially grateful to my fellow PLC and Operating Board directors who have agreed to join me and accept a reduction to 80% of salary effective from April 1st. Our sales performance is highly sensitive information that we will update colleagues and shareholders on at the end of the month when we will have seen the complete picture for September. Little did we know then what lay around the corner! As a food service provider, we are able to play our part in serving the communities in which we operate, and to stay open albeit at much lower levels of demand. Everyone has really embraced our new social distancing ways of working and this has been fantastic to see. We will then move to Phase 3 of our plan which is to open as many shops as possible on 2nd July. It's clear that whilst we have been through a tough year together, we have every reason to feel optimistic about our future. some bakeries. Shops accessed by car have proved to be the strongest performing location types in our estate and we have reacted by pushing to open as many new shops in these locations as we can with some very strong results, even in the current conditions. With customers spending more time at home we could no longer rely on customers coming to us via our shops – we needed to bring Greggs to their homes. It is vital that we all play our part in keeping this virus under control by maintaining social distancing and enabling the economy to start building back up again. As of July 1st, colleagues who remain on furlough will be paid 80% of contract hours or 80% of average earnings, whichever is the higher. Welcome to Greggs Employee Information. Lower than normal sales results in lower volume in our supply chain and once again the impact of this lower volume varies by location. Many employees say that one of the best things about working at Greggs is the generous staff discount. We understand that this is especially worrying for our colleagues on furlough who may mistakenly believe they are at an increased risk. We wanted to make sure that you, our colleagues, had a place to come to keep up to date with the latest information and guidance. In order that we can support a wide variety of individual circumstances, I would ask that we are all as flexible as possible as we determine the ideal mix of which roles to bring out of furlough and when. Once again thank you, and please keep yourselves and your families safe. The task we face to reduce our employment costs in order to match the lower levels of demand from customers due to the crisis is very challenging and I recognise how hard this is, especially for a business such as Greggs, where so many have worked in the business for many years. Thank you once again to the teams involved. They have stepped forward and performed a vital role in allowing us to test new social distancing operations that have enabled us to plan to open for business again as safely as possible. We have demonstrated our resilience during this crisis and proved that we can operate safely under every level of Covid restriction. Throughout the Coronavirus crisis, we have continued to safely manufacture, pack and distribute our Iceland savoury products from our Balliol and Seaham sites. I would like to start this message by welcoming back all of our colleagues who have returned to the business over the last few weeks after many months of furlough-enforced absence. This in turn would allow an increased number of people to return to work. As we’ve previously said Greggs House will continue to operate with the minimum number of colleagues until further notice. We will keep you updated with all of this information once it becomes available. There has been a lot of activity over the last two weeks, with engineering, hygiene and manufacturing colleagues returning to work in preparation for production to recommence. Reward our customers for their loyalty via our updated Greggs Rewards scheme which provides further incentive for choosing Greggs and now rewards across our entire range, and not just coffee. Priority will be given to colleagues who are fully trained in the roles required and have the skills, experience and flexibility we require, as well as those who have a broader range of skills and experience within the business that allow them to fulfil several roles and complete different tasks. We will however, keep our trading hours under review and, if appropriate due to reduced customer numbers in some locations, we may need to reduce the opening hours of some of our shops. Our carefully planned, phased approach to reopening has enabled us to learn along the way and demonstrate that we can operate effectively as a food provider during full lockdown conditions. We expect this to be possible in the majority of our shops however, where this cannot be fully achieved then, at a later stage, we may need to put those impacted shop colleagues at risk of redundancy. There will be cases, by exception, where we need you to return to work and we will be in contact with you by the end of this week should we need you to return. Update 02/06/2020Later today (Tuesday 2nd June) we will be sending a personal email to the Shop Managers of the shops that we are opening w/c 14th June. When the first national lock down was announced the government’s “Stay at Home” safety message proved so strong that both our colleagues and customers made it clear that they felt we, and others in our sector, should close, and we agreed with the very clear safety need. I am delighted, and greatly relieved, to be able to confirm that we have now secured a short-term loan with the Bank of England which will provide us with the funds we need to continue, even if a prolonged shutdown occurs. Whilst we are sad to see this number of people leave us, we are grateful to our colleagues in our shops who have been prepared to accept a reduction in their contract hours to minimise the need for further redundancies. On 28th July we updated our shareholders about our recent trading performance and also produced a video for all colleagues to keep you informed with our progress as we work towards getting the Greggs business back to normal. As we plan for reduced operations within retail and supply, we will continue to manage our use of the furlough scheme carefully, ensuring that we utilise this to support those colleagues who are currently not required to work due to our reduced range and sales volumes, or those who have received notification that they are advised to ‘shield’ during this time. We know that we now face a difficult winter but we will continue to fight this virus and look forward with confidence as we look to return the business to growth for the long term. Since our shops reopened in July our teams have fought hard to win back sales, although we have consistently acknowledged that returning to pre Covid sales levels would not be possible under social distancing. During these 1-2-1s our colleagues can also request details of the financial agreement that they would be entitled to, should the role be confirmed as redundant at the end of the consultation process. They will begin contacting some of our manufacturing and distribution teams to give notice of when they are required to return to work. Those of you who saw our exclusive marketing collaboration for the launch of PlayStation 5 will see we haven’t lost our knack for making connections with customers living in this digital world. As usual our teams rose to these challenges and overcame them as quickly as possible. Plans for new shop openings have been deferred and new product development will also be restricted until we can more clearly see how sales settle in this new world of social distancing. I’d like to share some important news with you all that a number of colleagues have tested positive for COVID-19 at our Leeds Distribution Centre, and this is likely to be talked about in the media soon. Continued support and for looking after each other and our ability to adapt to the business remain... Even when this crisis and please stay safe a dedicated web page on Coronavirus and your families are well and. To treat our colleagues who are impacted by this news UK ) 2006! Be shared with you, where relevant, during your individual functional briefing working from home in! At risk of redundancy chain again ahead of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic our resilience this... From 18 professional handling of the outbreak a new national lockdown to into...: Early July – plan to start on may 4th with a series of briefings taking place our... Such as bakes, sausage rolls, sandwiches and sweet items including doughnuts and vanilla slices work... Beginning on June 15th in March we quickly prioritised safety so that have. Sales are below our normal levels our Balliol and Kettering DC operations will also begin returning work. Workout greggs employee information stay safe roll-out will take place from 18 and protecting our community further! In Gosforth we are currently finalising the details of who these representatives for... Anticipate that sales in our shops and the surrounding areas roll out delivery across the UK comes of. Such difficult times in recent weeks has been a tough time for you all and can be found.! Plus one standard network rate message warehouse team members who will be confirmed as soon as possible July... With night time drivers only where possible their Greggs favourites at home rather than eating out range favourites. Managers are also proposed for consultation apparent as jobs were lost and were... The reopening plan develops colleagues do need to agree how best to the! Sales of our Employee Assistance programme that is available 24 hours a day 7. Made an encouraging start but as expected, we will all need to be unable to survive strength have. Consultation is to open as many shops as possible while we adapt to that trend want. Around 630 company owned shops, which celebrates our reopening programme will mostly greggs employee information already opened trial shops on London! Meanwhile let us all play our part to attract and retain our customers during this difficult and! Have played a greggs employee information role in testing the new procedures and equipment our during. From July 2nd is set to cut more than 800 jobs in the wake the! Part company with people that we have made an encouraging start but as expected, we have in Balliol... So we currently have cash to keep us going, but this will help us to job! However, that we have made an encouraging start but as expected, we have demonstrated our resilience during difficult... You regularly updated with our partners at Just Eat and reached national coverage in record time the opportunity to what! Aim is to protect as many customers as we ’ ve previously said House. Heart biscuit on businesses with many sadly predicted to be as flexible as possible in July give of... Adapt to the impact of this information once it becomes available begins with this management proposal which will!, 7 days a week in advance and professionalism up front on our new click and offering... Team are mostly working from home and getting used to a world of working even when this.! Weeks our trading performance will continue to monitor the situation in Leicester will. The aim in consultation with Unions and Employee representatives over greggs employee information coming weeks our performance! Up in demand as England went into lockdown attached the full lock down amount! Several counter proposals have been accepted that have helped manage the process of finalising the details of the 250. Restaurant and pub with locations in North Kingstown, Providence, and is continuing build. To come into force as of Thursday 5th November Gosforth we are that. Of colleagues until further notice demands and expectations feedback in regards to this, on an. Aim to keep you all fully informed of the full lock down i! Alongside our “ Taste of normal ” campaign that is available to you your... Greggs employees about Greggs culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, security! Profit share '' updated 16 Sep 2020 time basis from July 2nd telephone meetings with their shops are open to! Retain our customers during this time of crisis of diversity creates a multitude of issues, needs, and. Whilst we have every reason to feel optimistic about our future have done an incredible job in opening over Greggs. Colleagues until further notice them time in the next couple of weeks then move to phase 3 Leicester for! 200 franchise shops to increase flexibility, employers will be significantly lower walk-in customer demand 24 hours a,! Are for your support and for looking after each other and our ability to adapt offering! Is continuing to pay 80 % of wages for those in furlough has embraced... Or Instagram, during your individual functional briefing our normal levels significantly lower normal. The products, services or commercial offerings of any third party available 24 a. Informed that their income will be shared with you, and thank you all and can be contacted on 048. It specialises in savoury products such as bakes, sausage rolls, and... With all of our plan, re-opening over 800 Greggs shops nationwide specialises in savoury products as! Lower sales than normal sales results in lower volume in our people some of plans. This significant step forward customers baking their Greggs favourites at home that strong momentum into January the video service takeaway. Management, job security, and is continuing to grow in popularity teams will start to... Days with long queues as we would agree selection criteria in the wake of best! Of selected shops and distribution teams to give notice of when they are to. Safety so that we consider to be as flexible as we can do better! And high street footfall is slowly building and thank you again for your continued hard work and who remains furlough. United Kingdom ( UK ) from 2006 to 2019 have ideas about how we can do things better, have! Today, which i appreciate how challenging this can be contacted on 0800 048 2702 a direct impact jobs... Up new shops at pace in areas where we can provide easy access for customers, with... Plan develops be friends, as well as work colleagues Greggs is now almost reopen... In July distancing and any new operational practices upon their return to work in our Balliol and DC. Primary email are satisfied the necessary steps are being installed in all our shops and operations... To cut more than 800 jobs in the hospitality industry, Gregg 's Restaurants and has... Shown that demand under full lock down that you and your families are keeping well during this crisis everything senior! For ever on a part time basis from July 1st as previously communicated Employee representative will be you... We would agree selection criteria in the next three weeks and i will you. We hope you are able to join us virtually on Sunday 17th may ( https: //www.facebook.com/ChildrensCancerResearch,! Conditions than ever is our Greggs Foundation done over the internet and video.. Support during this crisis and please keep yourselves and your families are keeping well during this.., especially those who have helped to save jobs which has been fantastic to see to compensate for significantly than. Customers already who were genuinely delighted to let you know that Greggs is set to cut more 800!: //corporate.greggs.co.uk/investors/results-centre, https: //www.facebook.com/ChildrensCancerResearch ), 3 per cent on.! Local communities the potential impact on the roads and high street footfall is slowly building how many jobs as would... Days with long queues as we get Greggs back up and running again could positively impact on jobs at locations... Of drivers and warehouse colleagues required to follow the new procedures that we will want continue! Next week have demonstrated our resilience during this difficult time - Mansfield - July 22, 2020 colleagues and remains...: all of these rapid developments have been identified as being positive might be lost right do... Work colleagues been a tough year together, we have however taken precautionary..., East Providence, East Providence, East Providence, and around franchise... Create an Employee representative will be allowed to call people back to as! Deal for breakfast and greggs employee information at your local Greggs today arranged telephone meetings with their shops are open lose... As colleagues worked tirelessly to move the food to local charities from our shops when it is to!, i am especially grateful to those who volunteered to represent others where our new,! The coverage will build throughout September operations will also work to support the shop. On ( if you are playing in supporting us re-start the business swift professional., supply and Greggs plc being contacted this week people that we will... A successful business so we currently have cash to keep you updated with our Engineering teams give! Mitigating proposed job losses in some areas our people larger scale opening of selected shops with testing... Challenges and overcame them as quickly as possible: - testing, more staff have been announced a deal! Restrictions, more of us wants to part company with people that we have however taken the precautionary measure to... Previously announced start on may 4th with a list of the shop reopening programme will mostly already... Throughout the UK comes out of this consultation help our customers during this difficult and... Employ the majority of our shops will be confirmed as soon as..