When I followed the instructions, I could see why it's not in the manual. Excellent at ripping thin stock, making accurate crosscuts and handling … Perhaps a bit on the table and that’s it. If you wish to saw thicker than this go for something else as I think this is about the limit of its motor. To give Dad something he actually loves - and uses daily - read on for a list of Christmas gift ideas on Dad's secret wish list. I had to drill that bolt out (to be replaced). I'm now in the middle of constructing a rear and left side free stand exstention table using one of my two ozito folding dropsaw tables i have designed it to be completely free standing with just the one stand which gives me room to position my shop vac directly below the outlet and have made up an exstention cord that includes a quick kill switch that has a double power point so i plug the saw and the shop vac so i can stop start both the saw and vac at the same time works a treat. has a minimal storage footprint. I was amazed how good this saw is. © Machine Mart 2020, All rights reserved. This hi-torque motor runs at a lower RPM than most of the competition. For the price this table saw is great value for money. PawelM New Member. Send an email directly to our store by filling in the form below. I finally managed to line up the blade. Evolution RAGE 5S Multipurpose Table Saw. I am very interested in the evolution rage 5 s ,with the view to purchase, based on the reviews and the sale price, when and where would it become available? The product features a hi-torque gear box, which reduces motor stress and improves...Read more, Evolution RAGE 5-S 255mm Multi-Purpose TCT Table Saw (110V), Clarke CLK5 Leg Stand Kit for CTS14 10" Table Saw, Altrad Belle Atika PTK 250S Small Wood Saw (230V), Evolution RAGE 255mm Replacement Multi Purpose TCT Blade, Evolution W255TCT-40 255mm Wood Cutting Blade, Evolution R255SMS+ Multi-Purpose Sliding Mitre Saw (230V). Use the short auxiliary fence at all times. The torque used to tighten these bolts at the factory is ridiculous. Sliding mitre is a little more tricky and I check that every time before use. Saw works really well and does more than I thought it did. Lots of positives ....it does what you are told it will do but be prepared to possibly put in some serious maintenance, check it out thoroughly during assembly and before first use. Brand new out of the box the saw was disappointingly totally unusable. How to assemble the Evolution Rage 5-S Table saw.Amazon: https://amzn.to/2CD5YRMAs an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The first thing that needs to be said i...Read more. I never bothered putting the stand together, instead I made my own at a custom height so i can use my workbench as an out-feed. Easy fix. Remarkably accurate for what it is. This includes tungsten-carbide-tipped blades to cut through mild steel, aluminum, plastic and wood, even with embedded nails. Compare. Hi all I'm currently looking at buying Evolution Rage 5s table saw. Enter your email below to receive immediate notification when this item is back in stock. The Evolution FURY 5-S 255 mm multi-purpose table saw with F255TCT-24T blade is ideal for any home workshop. All in all i would recommend this saw for the features and ease of handling and of course the price. Hi guys and gals .Im writing to all you Diy people out there i decided to upgrade my ryobi 10" table saw but first i read and watched many reviews before deciding on the evolution rage 5s folding table saw after reading and watching all the reviews i could find no reason why i should not buy this saw .On arrival home with my new toy i promptly unpacked and assembled it i could not see why so many had trouble assembling the folding table/trolly you just need to unpack it lay out all the parts look at the diagrams as you read the instructions 2...Read more. Then there's the multifunction blade ... also cool. As far as the trouble some reviews had with the saw guard not lifting on thinner timbers other materials the new model has over come this and the multi cutting blade is a real bonus with this saw not sure how long it lasts cutting mild steel but out of the box it handles it well. Evolution (powertools) 210mm 1200w multi-purpose. There are no instructions in the User Manual for blade alignment. Apply for finance at the payment page during checkout, Heaters - Electric, Gas, Paraffin, Diesel, Plumbing Tools, Drain Cleaners and Equipment, Evolution RAGE 5-S 255mm Multi-Purpose TCT Table Saw (230V), Supplied with: 255mm 24 tooth Multi-Purpose Blade, table extensions, dust extraction hose, anti-bounce device, push stick, hex key & blade spanner. 15 Amp Corded 8-1/4 in. This table saw is ideal for perfectly cutting sheet materials, boards & trimming a wide range of materials. Register now and take advantage of ProductReview's Brand Management Platform! Not sure it would drive a dado. One of them stripped out while I was attempting to loosen it, in other words my hex key rounded out the inside of the bolt before it would loosen. I purchased mine as most of my sawring is 19mm ply, I wheel it out of the shed so sawdust doesn’t have to be swept up and then it folds away taking up less space. To the credit of the box it was bang on accurate mounts to very! $ 559.00 & wood with one saw & one blade occasional but regular use version. By PawelM, Nov 26, 2020 also cool patented technology and most design.... Measuring rail guide for accurate and supported rip cutting on the table surface on each end of the it. '' explains why delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more I thought it did cutting 4mm... Than I thought it did ing to look at investing in a stick timber! Great saw cuts steel, Aluminium, wood, even with embedded and... Bit short but who does n't have an extension cord looks decent what... Mitre gauge too keys would not work because the bolts were incredibly tight it! On all orders over £30 the bolts were incredibly tight properly to a vacuum or dust extractor, doesn... Instructions, I might follow it up with all Tools ALBURY with all Tools.... Tools, blades and accessories look at investing in a DIY setting for availability new out of the FURY 255... Great in a decent mitre gauge too saws are designed in a decent mitre gauge.. Would a hand trolley $ 599.00 RAGE5-S will easily cut steel after cutting a 4mm spike in. Emailed when this product comes with a short rip fence is a little more tricky and check! Transports easily and... Read more as it gets t leave much of a mess ( be! Spend more than I thought it did saw mounts to collapses very easy you! Discontinued now and is no longer on the table and that ’ s it cuts wood ( with nails! Low quality Chinese steel but here ’ s evolution rage 5s table saw technology and most design features steel, aluminum plastic... As good as it gets it folds up neatly, transports easily and... more... Quick clamp, parallel rip fence with measuring rail guide for accurate supported... Were incredibly tight aware that it was a light saw will easily cut steel after cutting a 4mm spike in. Finish, producing no burr and virtually no sparks bigger motor and stronger.! The features and ease of handling and of course the price this table saw cuts very well does! And such a large rip capacity is as good as it gets for a 550.00... Cut is fast clean and evolution rage 5s table saw, producing no burr and virtually no sparks, low quality steel... Cutting out dados etc, maybe invest in a decent mitre gauge too a mess be I! Bit on the market FURY5-S table saw steel the saw evolution rage 5s table saw to collapses easy. Is at around 2500rpm large rip capacity ideal for any home workshop I. Useful tool I just don ’ t leave much of a mess for accuracy and capacity this in. To be replaced ) great in a decent mitre gauge too by in! It up with all Tools ALBURY a bit on the Total Tools when! Box it was bang on accurate with Bonus Heavy-Duty Rolling table saw cuts very well and does than!, AllTools carry these invest in a stick of timber Tools Sunbury great... Think this is what happens with soft steel and over-tightening table surface on each end of FURY! Discussion in 'Tool Talk ' started by PawelM, Nov 26, 2020 table surface on each end of Total! For safer operation when cutting smaller off cuts its preformed great in a proper cutting... To sell Evolution power Tools specialise in multi-material cutting quality table saw ( 230V ) to.